By not signing up to be an organ donor you are still giving your organs away,
to the 764 different types of insects that help turn bodies into bones. I wanted to remind people
that they have a choice as to where their organs go.

We could create a couple of snapchat filters, which will turn your face into an insect (beetle, ant, maggot).
Experimental installation ‘Take your bugshot'
We partner with the Natural History Museum during the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition and create an installation where you can scan your face and get your picture mixed with an insect likely to match your features.

The participants will have the option to post their picture on their social network, with the line ‘Don’t give your body to a beetle / ant / maggot / etc’ and a link to the organ donation website.
We could even create a collection of virtual stamps using the visuals from the print campaign.
Buy the virtual stamp on the Organ Donation website and send it in your email to the person of your choice. 
Double benefit: collecting money for the association while raising awareness about the subject.
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